Analog Black & White
Analog black & white portrait & street photography
Dallas Airport Business Lounge

Man in Dallas Airport Lounge, 2006


Angels. Berlin 2007


Carnival of Cultures, Berlin 2005


Carnival of Cultures, Berlin 2005


Carnival of Cultures, Berlin 2005

The Man Who Enjoyed the Carnival.jpg

The Man Who Enjoyed the Carnival. Berlin 2012


Boy on the Bridge. Berlin 2006


Goths (Black Roses). Mexico City 2006


Naked I Ride. Mexico City 2006

Florence - P. Signora - Old Lady.jpg

I've seen bigger ones than this, she thought, as she stood gazing at naked Neptune before her. Florence 2006

Florence Bargello 3 - ladies on a bench.jpg

Marble Beauties. Florence 2006

Florence Bargello 2 - drawing.jpg

Drawing. Florence 2006

Florence Bargello 5 - by the window.jpg

By the Window. Florence 2006


After the Dance. Mexico City 2006


Drummer. Mexico City 2006

Mime . Melbourne 1991

Mime. Melbourne 1991


Sphinxes. London 2013

Dresden 001

Dresden 2008

Torsten, Dresden 2008.jpg

Torsten. Dresden 2008

Entrepreneurs, Shanghai 2005.jpg

Entrepreneurs. Shanghai 2005

Jinan 2007.jpg

Meet Pierre. Jinan 2007

Where to Now? Beijing 2008.jpg

Where To Now? Beijing 2008

Berlin Winter 001

Shadows and Ice. Berlin 2006


Man On the Beach in Juhu. Mumbai 2013

Swimming Pool

A Cold Cold Pool. Berlin 2006

From Where I Stand.jpg

From Where I Stand. Berlin 2014

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