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Berlin Belair 001

Young Men, Old Stones

Berlin Belair 013 Kotti

From Where I Stand

Berlin Belair 015 Festsaal

After the Ball

Berlin Belair 002 Amazon

Queen Takes King

Berlin Belair 003 Alex

Higher (I lift my mind to the sky...)

Berlin Belair 005 Frosch

Frog Victorious (1)

Berlin Belair 004 Frosch

Frog Victorious (2)

Berlin Belair 018

As old men watch the city grow..

Berlin 005 Kotti

What a difference a week makes

Bikini 004

Urban Geometry

Bikini 003


Berlin Belair 006 Wesen

Wesen/tliches (Essential/Being)

Belair 063

The hand that holds the cube and tells the time

Belair 057

Kotti (An Outlook on Life)

Berlin 004 Kotti

Urban Forms of Recreation

Berlin Belair 014 Kaisers

The Emperor's New Tags

Berlin Belair 017

Bikini 001

Bikini Mall

Berlin 001 Hallesches

Just like Lilli Marlen

Berlin 002 Hallesches

Take me away

Berlin 006 Kotti

Rooms with a view

Berlin 003 Shelter

Gimme shelter

Berlin Belair 009 Friedhof

A quiet place where life gives in

Wide-Angle Urban Poetry (2014)